Our planet was created with a huge range of fruit, vegetables and cereals. Everything was useful for another.

In your opinion, are that ok to use large tracts of land for the same crop, pesticide used as water or simply grow and eat GMOs (genetically modified organism)?

In my opinion, I believe we have violated our planet. For me, every thing to be due to `Let's change and whether we will, we must attendrent many changes.

Take the example of Monsanto: after the Vietnam War, Monsanto had excessive quantities: Agent Orange in stock. Agent Orange, whose chemical name is 2,4,5-trichlorophenol, is a substance that Americans have diffussé in the air to fight in the war. Its effects empoisonnner enemy combatants. Anyone affected by this product develops a range of diseases and cancers, even today the product is still wreaking havoc on its premises. During the war, it brought death to those who absorbed. With the end of the war, Monsanto had the bright idea of creating seed with Agent Orange. New product sales: pesticides, seeds and stuff OMG chemical fertilizers ultra. All compounds of their secret ingredient: Agent Orange. Pesticides themselves, are intended to irradiated each parcel of life harmful to crops and at the same time the right things. The seeds themselves are modified in order to survive in this land become toxic to all life. Fertilizers are being used to support crops évidament Durants their growth. On these plantations, it `s not even there to an insect that want to rub them and us, we buy it ... And height of surprise, Monsanto also agreed to establish seed stiriles ... So every year, farmers must always return to them for their seeds, because their soil is maintenent dead and nothing lives there.

As you can imagine, soils affected by this devastating product, maintenent are dead ... infecting the same occassion the air and nourishment of animals, plants and humans.

Remember that pesticides or other Monsanto, are extremely harmful to our health. Some products we put on crops contain growth hormones, so when we ingéront her hormones, hormones change our own. Our children can dévolopper abnormal growth. The chemical also causes cancer and multiple diseases or simply the lack of energy and weight change. Take the example of the banana crops, according to research, professionals working in the villages crop chemicals can not even begin to breed, due to frequent contact with pesticides ... it goes without saying that pesticides go also through the banana peel. There is even evidence that countries occidentals have a huge decline in fertility. This is actually forced to stress, cigarettes, alcohol, but also to pesticides we eat. Évidament it created a huge market for drugs ... take the chemical to combat chemical!

Regarding the huge monocultures, it impoverishes the soil. There is so much diversitées seed, I can not understand the proper use of this culture ... Let the corn, maintenent, more than half of the manufactured products contain corn: keptchup, layer cream and ... it goes without saying that large cattle farmers that use corn for nourishment of their animals ... so that even for the cows this is not good! The cattle ended up with a variety of diseases ...

Then I come back to what I said, for me, I am totally against the idea of being; against a current with nature. Such a magnificent gift that was given to us (or even paid), then stop to destroy it without shame.

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