Earth, blue planet

Earth, blue planet, where astronomers exalted capture starlight on the edge of space.

Earth, blue planet, where a cosmonaut, the window of his shuttle, called continents geographies of childhood.

Earth, blue planet, where an asphodel seeds in the bowels of a migratory Depletion of death on a rock high seas

Earth, blue planet, where a dictator celebrate Christmas with family while, thousands, burning bodies in the crematoria.

Earth, blue planet, where, landed with a crash of the polar ice, an iceberg blue ocean begins its long journey.

Earth, blue planet, where, in a suburban station, a family expecting a political prisoner sequestered for twenty years.

Earth, blue planet, where every spring the sun brings the flowers in the dark undergrowth.

Earth, blue planet, where sixteen families have accumulated more wealth than forty-eight countries in need.

Earth, blue planet, where an orphan joins the third floor to escape the abuse of supervisors.

Earth, blue planet, where, at nightfall, a mason contemplates with pride the high brick wall all day long.

Earth, blue planet, where a choirmaster writes the last notes of a cantata that will delight the hearts of men for centuries.

Earth, blue planet, where a mother holds in her arms a child died of AIDS transmitted to her husband at the village fete.

Earth, blue planet, where a solo sailor looks at his mainmast enffondrer reeling from the surf.

Earth, blue planet, where, on a couch in psychoanalysis, a man is silent.

Earth, blue planet, where a deer dying in a bush, wounded by a hunter who has not sought.

Earth, blue planet, where, dressed in bright colors, a woman selects her vegetables on the stalls of an African market.

Earth, blue planet, which completes its four billion five hundred and fifty to six millionth revolution around the Milky Way.

Poem by Hubert Reeves

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